Bolivian Town get's fire engine!

KC Group Shipping, in partnership with niche commodity trading company, Freeworld Trading, has assisted in the the donation of a fire engine to the tiny Bolivian town of Riberalta.

The town has a population of 100,000 and is situated at the confluence of the rivers Beni and Madre De Dios where most of the world's Brazil nuts are cracked. Every year, many people lose their home, property, health and sometimes life to fire in the town and there has been no fire engine....Until now!!!

As one of the UK's leading independently owned Multi Modal Logistics Companies in partnership with niche commodity trading company Freeworld Trading we assisted in the donation of the fire engine to Riberalta.

Brazil nuts represent over half the Amazonian income and are collected in Bolivia, Peru and Brazil. The cracking and international distribution of these nuts then begins at Riberalta.

Freeworld Trading handle around a third of this entire trade whilst KC Group Shipping provide the logistics network to facilitate sales throughout the world.

The brazil nut only grows in the wild in its home of deep wild rainforest. Every bag of nuts has to be carried out of the jungle, on river and rough road to Riberalta.

As a result of this, the trade represents a sustainable future for the rainforest. Families in Northern Bolivia can make a living by collecting brazil nuts and other wild non timber forest products, a living good enough to provide medical care and university level education for their children.

KC Group Shipping and Freeworld Trading are proud to be involved in a project with Kew Gardens funded by the Darwin Initiative to increase the availability of these forest products. By purchasing these products the public makes a meaningful contribution to the preservation of the rain forest and hence bio diversity.

Every year many people lose their home, property, health and sometimes life to fire in Riberalta. Despite there being a small airport, there was no fire engine...until now!!

In a 50/50 arrangement with the Bolivian company UNAGRO the refurbishment and refitting of this fire engine, which was donated by the American Embassy, has been completed and donated to the town.

KC Group Shipping, the logistics partner of the venture, currently transport several thousand tonnes of Brazil Nuts around the globe and have further shown their commitment to the community of Riberalta by completing the transportation and shipping of the Fire Engine to Bolivia without charge.

A project that provides a sustainable, safe environment for the residents of Riberalta and one that KC Group Shipping are delighted to be a part of.

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