SOLAS Amendment Update.

The IMO have passed an amendment to SOLAS
(Safety of Life at Sea) requiring verification of container weights. Following our recent article Every Ton Counts we wish to share with you the following:

As of 1st July 2016, a Verified Gross Mass(VGM)is required prior to a packed container being allowed to be loaded on board vessels. A shipper, providing a Bill of Lading, were they are named, to the ocean carrier and/or the terminal representative can manage this process on your behalf.

With the new regulation:

  • The responsible party for providing the VGM will be the shipper
  • The VGM will be determined by two permissible weighing methods
  • The terminal operator will be obliged to ensure that only containers with a VGM are loaded on the vessel
  • KC Group Shipping will assess impact of VGM regulations issued by governments. We ensure an easy submission of VGM as well as easy information exchange with terminals for our customers

To find out more on the SOLAS update and address your container weights, email 

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