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We are as proud of our heritage as we are excited by the future. In 1987, KC Group Shipping founders, Raymond Clarkson and Hammond Kennedy, set out a vision and mission to change the relationship between clients and logistics providers.

For the next three decades, KC Group Shipping, directed by the leadership of Mr Kennedy and Mr Clarkson delivered their vision. They built effective relationships and created seamless processes that have benefitted many of the world’s leading organisations in transporting their consignments across the globe.

Fast Forward over 30 years, now under the leadership of David Milne, and KC Group Shipping now proudly boast status's including “Scotland's Largest Independent Logistics Provider” and “One of the United Kingdom's Fasted Growing Independent Liner Agencies”.

We have diversified across sectors, added new service provisions, and expanded our client base. Our ethos has been to respect and never lose sight of those initial vision and mission strategies throughout this journey.

There have been many milestones along our 34-year journey that have forged our business strategies and endeavours, together with the relationships we build. Following global challenges including, Coronavirus and Brexit, we feel it’s even more important to remember and celebrate success and focus on Raymond and Hammond’s guiding principles for the future.

Forging partnerships by delivering solutions throughout the global logistics sector.

The global logistics solutions KC Group Shipping provide undoubtedly form the backbone of international trade and play a vital role in our everyday lives. Our clearly defined mission is to deliver creative logistical solutions and best in class customer service within this sector.

As global trade continues to thrive, our customers' ambitions do; likewise, KC strategic business solutions mould perfectly into today's unpredictable, complex, and sometimes challenging world. By simplifying supply chain solutions, we make the most challenging problems disappear.

To create a global supply chain that is unrivalled by any other independent logistics company worldwide.

Our origins and the legacy created by our founders forms the building blocks for our future. Our 'BeKC' company culture initiative is a fundamental layer that will build on these solid foundations to help create a constantly evolving Group that will establish new service and customer care standards, setting an industry benchmark.

We continue to push boundaries with a vision to make the impossible possible. Our group values provide customers, suppliers and partners with the support to allow their businesses to flourish on an international scale.


"Without the past...There would be no future"

Take a journey through our company timeline and explore the key landmarks that have made us who we are today.

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Raymond Clarkson and Hammond Kennedy establish KC Group Shipping

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Secured first liner agency agreement “Gdynia America - Polish Ocean Lines”

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Expansion leads Head Office relocating to “Albert House, Glasgow” also Appointed exclusive agent of CMA CGM.

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Appointed exclusive agent of CSAV Norasia

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David Milne appointed Group Director

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Branch office in La Paz Bolivia established

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Appointed exclusive agent of Yang Ming Transportation

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MBO headed by David Milne completed

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Sales Offices in London, Liverpool and Antwerp established

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Exclusive partnership with KYFI Inc of Kentucky USA established

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New leadership team navigate the organisation through Covid-19 & Brexit, deliver unprecedented growth.

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Leadership approve project “BeKC”, outlining five-year strategic business plan. Move into new, bespoke head offices.