Automotive Prestige Marques Case Study

When a bespoke prestige automotive modification company signed an exclusive dealership agreement in Hong Kong, they entrusted us to tailor their logistics.

Automotive Prestige Marques Case Study
Automotive Prestige Marques Case Study


Although the client had some previous overseas trade on a smaller scale, the new partnership would increase sales to affluent Far Eastern markets by several thousand vehicles.


The challenge encountered by KC Group Shipping consultants in partnership with our client was to process map an entire bespoke air freight and ocean freight supply chain from the clients European facility to the Hong Kong dealership. With many vehicle values in excess of £500,000, there was no room for error and "white glove handling" door to door was a prerequisite.

Every stage of the process had to be meticulously planned to ensure each vehicle arrived at the dealership in the same pristine condition in which it left the design facility. With this type of prestige vehicle logistics, you only get one chance to get it right.

Find a solution to transporting extremely high-value vehicles from Europe to Asia without allowing the wheels on solid ground.


KC Group Shipping consultants set to work immediately, emphasising the packing and security of each vehicle. It was vital to establish the most secure method of transportation to the airline or shipping line and devise a risk-free packing solution that would eliminate the possibility of damage to the car. Although the supply chain solution was relatively straightforward through our services portfolio, the critical element in this approach was handling the cargo. After much analysis and deliberation with our client, the conclusion was that there was only one good option.


It was agreed that a dedicated temperature-controlled car transporter would provide the solution to deliver the vehicles from the European facility to the airport/port. Further bespoke packing methods were established and implemented at airport/port facilities to preserve the vehicle and provide substantial protection, including using a modified "peel coat process" method to eradicate the possibility of any damage to the paintwork. Our client was extremely impressed with the tailor-made process provided by KC Group Shipping. The supply chain solution offered the client the confidence to entrust us with their highly-valued car shipping, safe in knowing that they would be delivered with the care, attention, and speed required.