Project cargo management solutions from KC Group Shipping combine detailed planning, solution design, specialised cargo transportation, and the seamless orchestration of end-to-end logistics of oversized, complex, and high-value equipment. Our heavy lift cargo and logistics processes and protocols ensure the safe transportation of your shipment, locally and across continents.

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Whether navigating complex regulatory landscapes, managing taxes, or ensuring seamless project logistics transportation to the remotest corners of the globe, the KC Group Project Cargo division continuously delivers consignments safely from inception to delivery.

Our suite of services is meticulously curated to cater to the unique demands of oversized escorted cargo, time-critical, and high-value project forwarding. From comprehensive logistics management to bespoke route and transport planning, we offer a seamless end-to-end solution, guaranteeing peace of mind throughout the journey from origin to destination.

Planning is critical to project cargo success. However, should the unexpected occur, the KC team, headed by an experienced, customer-dedicated project cargo manager, also considers adequate contingency plans. The logistics industry often faces worldwide challenges that can negatively impact transportation scheduling, including conflict, weather, or cancellations. We expect the unpredictable and place contingency planning for unanticipated events, with a culture of making the complex simple for you.

Solutions by Design


At KC Group Shipping, project cargo planning is the cornerstone of our operation, ensuring the seamless execution of complex logistics solutions for oversized cargo.

Our approach begins with thoroughly analysing cargo specifications, timelines, and destination requirements. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and extensive industry expertise, we devise strategic plans that address every conceivable aspect of the cargo’s journey. This meticulous planning ensures risk mitigation, cost optimisation, and the timely delivery of oversized and overweight shipments, demonstrating our commitment to excellence in every project delivery.

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Solutions by Design

Solutions by Design.

We tailor our ‘Solutions by Design’ service to meet the unique demands of each project cargo challenge. KC Group Shipping believes in a bespoke approach, where solutions are structured and developed with detail and precision, integrating innovative logistics practices and modern digital processes. Our capability to design and execute custom logistics frameworks that accommodate the uniqueness of every consignment ensures efficiency, safety, and compliance with global logistics standards.

Dedicated Transport Communications

Dedicated Transport Communications.

KC Group Shipping’s Dedicated Transport Communications service provides unparalleled transparency and connectivity throughout the cargo’s journey. By establishing direct lines of communication and offering real-time tracking, monitoring, and updates from our team, we inform our clients at every milestone of the journey. Additionally, when you need to chat, you have direct telephone and messaging access to our experienced project cargo managers. This commitment to open and continuous communication ensures that we swiftly address any challenges or changes and adjustments made proactively, securing the integrity of your project cargo and reinforcing the trust in our partnership.

Route Studies

Route Studies.

Route Studies are integral to the pre-emptive planning process, ensuring the safest, most efficient pathways for your project cargo. KC Group Shipping employs a comprehensive analysis, considering geographical challenges, political climate, and infrastructure capabilities to determine optimal routes for large engineering transportation and escorted cargo solutions. Our thorough studies and partner network guarantee not only the feasibility of transport but also anticipate potential obstacles, ensuring a smooth transit and timely arrival of your cargo, regardless of its global destination.

Sea Project Cargo Management

Sea Project Cargo Management and Vessel Chartering.

For close to 40 years, KC Group Shipping has been a trusted and respected name in our industry, renowned for Sea Project Cargo Management and Vessel Chartering. We provide expert navigation of the complexities of maritime logistics. With access to a global network of shipping agency alliances and vessel owners, we match your specific project requirements with the ideal sea route transport solutions. Our expertise in chartering and managing sea cargo ensures that we can accommodate any scale of project and consignment, from one unit to multiple regular projects, guaranteeing the safe, efficient, and cost-effective delivery of your goods across the world’s oceans.

Air Project Cargo Management

Air Project Cargo Management.

Air Project Cargo Management often provides a time-critical advantage for shipments that demand swift and secure transportation. KC Group Shipping leverages strategic partnerships with leading airlines, ensuring the availability of appropriate aircraft for any project size or weight. This service emphasises speed, flexibility, and meticulous coordination, managing every aspect of air transport from ground handling to customs clearance.

Land Freight

Land Freight Project Cargo Solutions.

KC Group Shipping’s Land Freight Project Cargo Solutions provide comprehensive overland transport services locally and across continents. Whether it’s road or rail, our extensive network ensures your cargo’s smooth transit through diverse terrains and jurisdictions. Oversize cargo haulage will probably require a haulage police escort during the road transportation, therefore our project cargo expertise will co-ordinate with local authorities. Our extensive partner network has been built over many years, working with our company culture and processes, with specialised equipment and experienced operators to handle your project cargo with the utmost care, ensuring it arrives intact and on time. Our land freight solutions embody flexibility and reliability, catering to the intricate logistics required for oversized and heavy-lift cargoes.

Customs Management Consultancy

Customs Management Consultancy.

With our Customs Management Consultancy service, KC Group Shipping navigates the complex landscape of global trade regulations on your behalf. We provide invaluable advice on customs compliance, duty mitigation strategies, and streamlined clearance processes. Our experienced customs team division and service ensures that your project cargo adheres to all international laws and regulations, facilitating a smooth and uninterrupted journey to its final destination. Trust us to mitigate the risks and complexities associated with global customs, making your cargo’s passage as efficient as possible. In addition to almost 40 years of experience our AEO status gives independent recognition for outstanding compliance and security standards.

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