Oil and Gas Case Study

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Oil and Gas Case Study
Oil and Gas Case Study


Our client, a specialist global chemical company with 3,200+ employees in over 100 locations in more than 50 countries, delivers innovative and engineered programmes for upstream and midstream oil and gas markets. The company's integrated offering combines sustainable chemistry, technology, and service to provide global solutions.


The project required us to charter a tanker to transport a combined shipment of MonoEthyleneGlycol (MEG) and Methanol from Antwerp and Rotterdam to a storage facility in Haifa, Israel.

The shipment comprised 4500 metric tonnes of MEG, 550 metric tonnes of Methanol, and 500 metric tonnes of additives which were destined for a new gas production platform sited off the coast of Israel.

The chemicals had to be delivered within a specified time frame to facilitate the commencement of gas production; therefore, there was little room for any deviation in the delivery date.


Using our extensive global network, KC Group Shipping chartered a suitable tanker of DWAT 7000 metric tonnes suitable to load the total consignment into eight tanks. With close planning with the vessel owners, loading commenced with the MEG and additives in Antwerp before the vessel proceeded to Rotterdam to load the Methanol.

Our team experience allowed us to specially choose the vessel due to its capability of mixing the chemicals in each tank. Firstly 500 tonnes of additives were loaded in equal quantities into six tanks with the MEG added on top of the additives. The 550 tonnes of Methanol were loaded into the two remaining tanks.


The tanker completed loading within the prescribed time frame, with the consignment delivered to the Haifa storage facility by the specified date.

Since this shipment, KC Group Shipping has undertaken another shipment of 2000 metric tonnes of MEG from Antwerp, with further deliveries anticipated over two to three times per year.