Seamless Overflow Storage, Pick and Pack, and European Distribution for Textiles

KC Group Shipping secured a contract for overflow storage, pick-and-pack, and European distribution. We efficiently set up a storage warehouse, managed operations, and delivered goods to distribution hubs. This case study demonstrates our expertise in complex logistics, showcasing our capabilities in warehousing and distribution.

Seamless Overflow Storage, Pick and Pack, and European Distribution for Textiles
Seamless Overflow Storage, Pick and Pack, and European Distribution for Textiles


KC Group Shipping Limited recently secured an exciting contract to provide a long-standing, valued client with an extensive range of service solutions. The ongoing contract involved setting up an overflow storage warehouse, managing a pick-and-pack operation, and ensuring the final delivery of goods to the client's European distribution hubs in France, Belgium, Germany, and Italy. We efficiently provided a road map and implemented the project, demonstrating our expertise in handling complex logistics operations. Our Project Case Study showcases our exceptional capabilities in managing large-scale warehousing, pick and pack operations, and European distribution.


KC Group Shipping had to overcome several challenges in our project, including arranging the collection of thousands of pallets from our client`s warehouse in Scotland, efficiently organising the overflow storage in our Glasgow facility, managing many SKU variations in the pick and pack operation, and ensuring secure palletisation and timely dispatch to European distribution hubs. However, we successfully overcame these challenges by implementing safe transportation, optimising storage space, streamlining the pick and pack process, and coordinating with reliable transport partners for prompt delivery. Our service solutions ensured the smooth execution of the project and the efficient handling of goods throughout the entire process.

Collection and Transport
KC Group Shipping arranged the collection of approximately 8,000 pallets, each containing around 50 cartons of textiles, from the client's warehouse in Scotland. We ensured secure transportation of these pallets via trucks to our warehouse facility in Glasgow.

Overflow Storage Warehouse
Upon arrival at our warehouse in Glasgow, KC Group Shipping efficiently organised the storage of the pallets. The overflow storage warehouse was designed to accommodate the substantial volume of goods, ensuring optimal space utilisation and easy accessibility for efficient inventory management.

Pick and Pack Operation
KC Group Shipping implemented a robust pick and pack operation, managing over 2,000 SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) variations. The skilled team meticulously sorted each pallet and efficiently picked and packed the required cartons, enabling daily pick levels of around 200 to 300 cartons. This streamlined process allowed for accurate order fulfilment and minimised processing time.

Palletisation and Despatch
After picking the cartons, they were carefully palletised to ensure secure transportation. KC Group Shipping organised daily dispatches to the client's European distribution hubs in France, Belgium, Germany, and Italy. By coordinating with reliable transport partners, we ensured the timely delivery of the palletised goods to their respective destinations.


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KC Group Shipping executed the project with the utmost professionalism and operational efficiency. Our approach included the following key elements:

Planning and Coordination
The project was meticulously planned to ensure smooth execution. KC Group Shipping collaborated closely with our client to understand their requirements, design efficient workflows, and establish clear communication channels.

Warehousing Infrastructure
KC Group Shipping utilised our state-of-the-art warehouse facility in Glasgow, equipped with advanced inventory management systems and climate control measures. Our systems and processes ensured the safety and preservation of the textiles throughout their storage period.

Skilled Workforce
The open and transparent communications from everyone at KC Group Shipping to all project stakeholders were vital to the project's success. Trained and experienced professionals efficiently handled the sorting, pick and pack operations, ensuring accurate and timely order fulfilment.

Inventory Management
KC Group Shipping and our partners employed sophisticated inventory management software to track and manage multiple SKUs effectively. Real-time monitoring allowed for proactive replenishment and minimised the risk of stockouts.

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KC Group Shipping successfully executed the contract, providing reliable and efficient overflow storage, pick and pack, and European distribution services. The seamless handling of around 8,000 pallets containing textiles and the management of over 2,000 SKUs demonstrated KC Group Shipping's commitment to delivering high-quality logistics solutions.


KC Group Shipping's successful execution of the overflow storage, pick and pack, and European distribution contract demonstrates our ability to handle complex logistics operations efficiently and delivers trust for the customer to continue their relationship with us. By employing skilled personnel, leveraging advanced technology, and ensuring meticulous planning and execution, we continue to deliver exceptional results, exceeding customer expectations in the ever-evolving logistics landscape.