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As an established freight forwarder, over the years KC Group Shipping has achieved some notable certifications and memberships which we are extremely proud of. Since 1989, KC Group Shipping has been a member of BIFA - the leading body representing the UK international freight services industry. Their drive for excellence and quality in the transport and logistics sector mirrors our own, and we are proud to be associated with BIFA.

Similarly, we are members of the Chartered Institute of Logistics Transport as well as the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, providing access to the latest industry news and standards guidance to ensure we are always up to date.

Our origins have shaped the way we do business today and continue to drive our growth and client relationships

Amongst our proudest achievements are our voluntary ISO certifications. Our commitment to quality is so important to us, that every year we audit and renew these standards to ensure that we are continually improving.


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Standard Terms and Conditions of Trading

All business is transacted according to BIFA (Scotland) 2021 STANDARD TRADING CONDITIONS.

This includes limits of liability, time-bars and rights to sub-contract the provision of services including, but not limited to, road haulage to RHA 2020 terms & conditions and warehousing to UKWA warehousing & storage terms & conditions 2014.”

BIFA Scotland Terms and Conditions

BIFA Membership

RHA 2020 Carriage

UKWA Warehousing Terms and Conditions 2014

Environmental Policy

KC Group Shipping has implemented a full environmental policy which has been communicated to all personnel working on behalf of our organisation and is available on request to any other interested parties, including the general public. The policy of the organisation acknowledges and commits to responsibilities of care to the environment.

Sustainability Policy

Corporate sustainability refers to what would be more traditionally described as ethical corporate practice. Our corporate sustainability is a business approach which creates a "green" strategy aimed towards the natural environment. This also takes into consideration every dimension of how our business operates in the social, cultural and economic climate.

Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy

We aim to take responsibility for the company's actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers and employees. Our corporate social responsibility is KC Group Shipping's mission, as well as a guide to what our company stands for.

Criminal Liability of Legal Entities Policy

Legal Compliance with the Laws of the United Kingdom Including Civil and Criminal Liabilities

For information please note that KC Group Shipping is committed to compliance with the law as applicable in the UK, including the "Bribery Act" 2010. The KC Group is committed to complying with any applicable legislation worldwide under its Criminal Liabilities policy, including of bribery and its prevention. The section of its internal policy covers the following subject matter.

1. Purpose and scope
2. Bribery.
3. KC Group Shipping policy regarding bribery
4. The way to relate with the public officers
5. Delivery of Gifts and/or Attentions

KC Group Shipping is committed to:
1. Abidance of the law;
2. Making sure that all staff members know and respect this.
3. Prosecuting any person who ignores or violates the law.

The Waste Export Guidance Notes

Exports of “Green List” Waste Duties of Care

I. Pre-booking documentation requirements of Carriers prior to acceptance: 

Shipments of ‘greenlist’ waste for recycling require, by law, an Article 18 Contract (of EU Regulation EC 1013/2006) between the exporter (waste generator) and consignee (recovery facility). Carriers, in turn, may stipulate a requirement including e.g. a copy of the Recovery Contract specific to the movement and/or a Letter of Indemnity by the booking party and/or exporter and may also require copies of valid import/other licences/permits and approval by the consignee to accept the consignment. Copies of any document(s) requested by a carrier must be in place with KC before a booking can be accepted.

II. Government requirements prior to arrangement of greenlist waste exports:
In addition to your contractual liabilities as principal or agent under the contract of carriage with the carrier all parties to waste exports also have an individual legal duty of care to discharge prior to the movement of green list waste for export. Your attention is drawn to mandatory requirements from the UK and Scottish governments which refer to the Article 18 Contract in the following link and as summarised below it [II,a),1-3].

a) Controls which apply to all movement/ exports of green list waste from UK:
Ship ‘green list’ waste under Article 18 controls. Before shipping the waste: checklist
1.Confirm the waste will be handled in an environmentally sound way at all times – you must be able to show that the recovery facility operates to human health and environmental protection standards that are broadly equivalent to the standards within the EU. (Responsibility of exporter and broker)
2.Make sure that the “Annex VII” (accompanying) document is fully completed and sign it – it must travel with the waste at all times. (Responsibility of exporter, broker, booking party)
3.Draw up a written contract (for reprocessing and recovery of the waste) between the person who arranges the shipment (exporter) and the importer/consignee – the contract must ensure that if the shipment cannot be completed as planned, or is found to be illegal, the exporter will take the waste back or recover it in another way, and provide for its storage in the meantime. (Responsibility of exporter, broker and booking party)

b) Additional controls applying to movement/exports of green list waste from Scotland:

1.Webpage on waste exports from Scotland as controlled by SEPA:

2.Links within the SEPA webpage [II,b),1] applying to exports of green-list waste:

i.Explanation of waste export controls as they apply to anyone, including specifically to freight forwarders, prior to despatching green-list waste, including preparation of Annex Vii:
ii.Instructions on obligatory submission of Annex Vii details to the National Packaging Waste Database (NPWD)

April 2018. These notes are for guidance only, are not exhaustive, may be changed without notice and do not form part of any contractual terms either written or implied. All business is transacted under the Standard Trading Conditions of BIFA (latest edition).

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