Arabic Labelling Supply Chain

Our distribution network and supply chain expertise ensured our client was able to take advantage of Middle-Eastern markets and be compliant with labelling requirements.

Arabic Labelling Supply Chain
Arabic Labelling Supply Chain


A long-standing KC Group Shipping customer approached us to assist them with a recently awarded long term contract. The task was to manage the re-labelling and distribution of vast numbers of chocolate bars from the UK to the Middle East.

The customer required our support across all phases of the project management, including UK transport, product re-work, ocean freight, and final delivery to Saudi Arabia.


As the contract presented several challenges, it was essential that we carefully planned every aspect, working closely with the customer and their supply chain partners.

Our first task was to source an appropriate KC approved warehouse capable of producing more than 62,000 Arabic labels and strategically place them in the same position on each packet within the case. We arranged transport from door to port whilst stripping and rebuilding pallets, ensuring as little handling as possible due to the delicate nature of the product and the risk of melting, or freezing if not kept at the correct temperatures.

Process costs were critical for the customer due to the low margin on this product type. After receiving the budgets and financial constraints, at every stage, we monitored the process to ensure this was a seamless exercise for all involved.


Once we had the customer’s go-ahead, we quickly acted and got to work, and after some testing on label sizing, wording, and quality control, we ensured the templates were in place and ready for printing. We also learned that an additional requirement was for three different labels to be produced, not the one that was first communicated, due to different production dates.

Surprise challenges like this can often be a problem. Still, the KC Group Shipping team acted immediately. Due to the timescales involved with the first shipment, a dedicated team printed these in-house and sent them by courier to our warehouse in Southampton, ready for the re-work.

Following our packaging preparation work, we arranged for 26 pallets to be collected from London on a same-day service to arrive in Southampton the day after the labels. Once these pallets arrived in Southampton, our warehouse team would dedicate several days to the operation to ensure that they gave this element of the project their full attention, splitting these by production dates and meticulously labelling, repacking and finally palletising all goods.

We booked the ocean freight leg to Jeddah Port using KC Liner Agency carrier Yang Ming. We placed twenty four of their reefer containers on stand-by at the warehouse to be loaded immediately after rebuilding the last pallet.

We took the container to the port and connected it to the power supply to ensure the temperature remained at the requested level and for its onward journey.


Our thorough planning, processes and experience ensured a seamless end-to-end supply chain. Working closely and communicating with all stakeholders, the product quality, packaging solutions and logistics costs delivered positive results.

The labels were exactly what the client needed, ensuring they could pass local customs inspections in Saudi Arabia without any delays or challenges, and they were delighted with the quick turnaround for the first project of this contract.

We pooled our experience from many areas of logistics for this contract, and continue to support our client with similar shipments on a monthly basis.