European 3rd Party Transhipment Warehouse Solution

Our European Team successfully found a cost-effective solution for a client during the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling them to deliver products to their customers.

European 3rd Party Transhipment Warehouse Solution
European 3rd Party Transhipment Warehouse Solution


The COVID-19 pandemic brought many challenges worldwide. The shipping and logistics sectors were no exception, experiencing port closures and consignment delays never seen before. Antwerp Quay was one facility with issues to solve. With a backlog of containers, including those of our client and the COVID restrictions causing significant delays and considerable frustration for everyone, our client needed to move their containers as swiftly as possible.

When the facility reopened, they worked at reduced capacity and only accepted one container per day. Our client had containers sitting on the docks racking up daily fees, and they asked us to find a more cost-effective solution.


The European Team contacted our partners in Antwerp to find a solution that would be the most cost-effective for the client and allow them to start moving stock to their customers. With the containers sitting on the quay, the port was charging rent and demurrage, so the challenge was to get the containers moved safely and without delay.

After several consultations to discuss solutions with our European Agency partner, we structured and put the most appropriate options to the client, outlining the current quayside costs versus our solution.


After an agreement between all parties, our local agent in Antwerp arranged to relocate the containers from Antwerp Quay to a warehouse, unpacked, palletised and readied for shipping out by trailer to their original destination.


Throughout the process, we were in close contact with our local partners and managed all aspects of the transportation of the containers to a fully operational warehouse, where the goods were stored and secured as a priority. Once unpacked, they quickly returned the containers to the quay to reduce additional costs.

The warehouse speedily and effectively completed the palletisation and onward shipping of the consignment to reduce further inconvenience for the client.

The client was impressed by our speed of response and thanked us for working efficiently to minimise their costs by having the containers moved quickly. They were impressed with our local agent and the warehouse, who went above and beyond to assist the client.

Within logistics, companies highlight their A to B service solutions. However, at KC Group Shipping, we often demonstrate our expertise before shipment and after delivery when challenges present themselves.