Global Confectionery Logistics

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Global Confectionery Logistics
Global Confectionery Logistics


At KC Group Shipping, we have a team that specialises in providing temperature-controlled shipping services to our clients. One of our clients, a UK-based confectionery manufacturer, was looking to export its products to multiple global destinations. The manufacturer required their products to be shipped in reefer containers to maintain the temperature and humidity throughout the journey.


The client faced several challenges in exporting confectionery products from the UK in reefer containers, including:

  • Maintaining the temperature: Confectionery products are temperature-sensitive and require consistent cooling to preserve their quality. Keeping the temperature constant within the reefer container was essential, as even minor temperature fluctuations could damage the products.
  • Meeting regulatory requirements: Exporting food products requires strict adherence to regulations in different countries. KC Group Shipping had to ensure that all the necessary permits and certifications were in place for each destination country.
  • Dealing with volume and weight limitations: The reefer containers had strict volume and weight limitations, which meant that KC Group Shipping had to carefully plan and optimise the container space to accommodate the confectionery products.


To overcome these challenges, KC Group Shipping developed a customised logistics plan that involved several vital strategies:

  • Providing refrigerated transportation: KC Group Shipping provided temperature-controlled transportation in reefer containers that maintained the required temperature for the confectionery products throughout the journey.
  • Managing regulatory compliance: KC Group Shipping worked closely with regulatory authorities in different countries to ensure all necessary permits and certifications were in place for the confectionery products.
  • Optimising container space: KC Group Shipping worked closely with the confectionery manufacturer to create a packing plan which maximised the available space and complied with reefer specifications.


Thanks to our highly knowledgeable and skilled team, KC Group Shipping could successfully export confectionery products to multiple destinations worldwide. The manufacturer was delighted with the services provided by KC Group Shipping, and they have continued to work together on various logistics projects. KC Group Shipping's ability to provide customised logistics solutions allowed the confectionery manufacturer to expand its international reach and grow its business globally.