Guiding you through Customs Declaration System ("CDS") Transition

Guiding you through Customs Declaration System ("CDS") Transition

Recently, the UK Government have created a new customs platform called the Customs Declaration System ("CDS"). The launch of the new CDS platform is to modernise and expand system capacity over the current system ("CHIEF"). There are two critical dates which will affect importers and exporters.

30th September 2022: the ability to make import declarations will end
31st March 2023: the ability to make export declarations will end

As KC Group Shipping support many of our customer base across customs management processes, we feel it's essential to keep you informed. We believe CDS will bring many new features to the customs processes over time. We are now aware of the facility for CDS to directly supply Importers with VAT details for Import declarations where Postponed Vat Accounting ("PVA") is in place. Besides the benefit of Traders having the ability to see their customs records directly on the GOV.UK website, UK-based Importers and Exporters are unlikely to see much difference.

CDS is currently running alongside CHIEF, so customs agents can train and transition to CDS when ready for full launch in the coming months.

KC Group Shipping agents are also currently navigating the new system on behalf of our customers. We will use CDS to submit declarations on the new system starting from 1st August 2022.

Importers and Exporters are required to register for CDS, and we advise you to do this as soon as possible. The process takes around five minutes once you have the required details you need - which a note of these, along with the subscription link, are available by visiting


Those Importers who operate their own Deferment Account will also need to:

  • Setup a new Direct Debit for DAN payments under the CDS system via the following webpage.
  • Authorise KC Group Shipping to submit declarations involving the Importer's DAN also from the link below.

If you require further clarification or help with the above, please get in touch with the KC Group Shipping team to discuss.